Rcon4Cod2 Version 1.0

7/Nov/2005 Okay, few emails and MSNs have prompted me to help out and produce a Rcon4Cod2.... Thats right a version that works with the new release of Call of Duty 2.
The base was taken from the original Rcon4Cod so you have all the same basic features except now it works for Cod2 :)
I will submit this to the old Codfiles site after a week or so when I get some feedback from testers.

For you eager beavers who have bothered to look already you can get version 1.0 below.
All feedback is welcome, please use the forums first, email next. The links are in the game About menu.

Download Rcon4Cod2 Version 1.0

Rcon4COD placeholder site

I changed ISP back in December but due to work and family commitments I do not have time to build a web site. It is something I want to do as wed design does interest me :D

For now I include a link to download the latest Rcon4COD

Version 1.4.1